Airport Touchless Car Wash Services

Car going through brushless was

Our automatic touchless, brushless car wash system uses high pressure water nozzles and sprayers to spray hot water and high quality soap solutions, spot-free car wash rinse and waxes on your car or truck. This state of the art process leaves your vehicle’s delicate finish untouched.

The wash is followed by a three minute high pressure air drying process to leave a spot free shine. Both of our touch free in-bay automatic vehicle wash bays have a clearance of 7 feet – enough height for your car, van, SUV or pickup truck.

The Touchfree Laser Wash offers four different packages:

Express Wash: $7 includes single foam action cleanser, power wash, spot-free rinse, and superior air blast dry

Deluxe Wash: $8 includes underbody (undercarriage) laser blast wash, rocker panel blast, double foam action cleanser, double laser jet rinse, spot-free rinse, and superior air blast dry

Premium Wash: $9 includes underbody laser blast, rocker panel blast, double foam action cleanser, double foam clear coat, conditioner, triple foam clear coat protectant, double laser jet rinse, spot-free rinse, superior air blast dry

Ultimate Rain-X Wash: $10 Same wash features as the Premium plus Rain-X protectant Laserwash Process

Entering the Laserwash is easy, just drive up to the access station, choose your payment or enter your code, and choose your favorite wash package.

Process Steps Explained:

Underbody (undercarriage) Laser Blast Wash: As you drive forward into the wash bay, a powerful, high-pressure water system blasts away dirt and grime from the underbody of the vehicle, rocker panels, wheels, and wheel wells. This under body spray cleans the underbody and rocker panels, helping to preserve the protective coating of your vehicle’s undercarriage.

Note: There are no tracks to line up simply drive through. It is important to drive slowly through this process to ensure a thorough under body wash.

Double Foam Action Cleanser:
This pre-soak applies a high temperature two step cleaning process with two PH levels for different types of dirt. The low PH cleans chrome and glass, while the high PH cleans road film and paint surfaces. This process covers your vehicle with fast acting detergents that break down dirt and grime. This pre-soak process is specially formulated soap to gently loosen stubborn road film.

Double Laser Jet Rinse:
This soaking process activates the chemicals from the pre-soak providing time for the cleaning agents to react. It covers your vehicle with a second specially formulated soap to remove stubborn soils and grime that are unlike road film. This helps clean concentrated target areas of dirt and grime.

Hi Pressure or Power Wash:
This high pressure wash sprays your vehicle with clean, high pressure water to thoroughly clean and rinse your entire vehicle. This step is used to remove the road film and stubborn soils and grim that have been loosened during the previous Presoak cycles.

Color Polish:
The Color Polish Process provides three pigments of foam conditioner to enhance the luster and shine of your vehicle.

Triple Foam Clear Coat Protectant:
Then, the Clear Coat Protectant is applied under high pressure to provide deep protection and shine to your vehicles finish. This step protects the paint’s surface against acid rain and UV rays, helping keep your car cleaner,longer.

Spot free rinse:
The special spot free rinse applies purified water to remove any solids that may cause spotting. This enhances the appearance of the vehicle by eliminating spots when the vehicle dries.

Superior Air Blast Dry:
This dries the car with 2 high performance driers and provides the finishing touch to your vehicle's wash by removing excess water from the vehicle after the wash process has been completed. This helps prevent dirt from re-depositing on the vehicle's wet surface. Leaving your vehicle clean, shiny, and well protected! It also helps eliminate any spotting and prevents freezing in the cold weather. No towel means - NO LINT!